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The Eisch family has been linked to the Glass industry for over 300 years. In 1952 Valentin and Therese Eisch constructed the "EISCH GLASSWORKS" now headed by the 3rd generation with Julia Eisch and Eberhard Eisch. In 2005 Eisch introduced SENSISPLUS, a revolution in the wine world, a highly secret way of finishing the glass, that brings out the positive attributes of the wine, delivering all the complexity, aroma and fruity undertones that the wine has to offer.

This gourmet glass series is available with the SENSISPLUS effect. The glasses are made of high-quality crystal glass. Sparkling and lead-free. There are no special points to consider when caring for SENSISPLUS glasses. They can be treated like other high-quality crystal glasses; their SENSISPLUS qualities will be retained as a permanent feature. SENSISPLUS glasses are dishwasher-proof.

Capacity: 380 ml / 13.4 oz

Height: 237 mm / 9.3 in

Collections: Eisch Glaskultur

RP Rating: Eisch Glaskultur